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Dream Melodies Art Contest 2020

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“Dream Melodies” art contest, a joint project held by the cooperation of Istanbul Technical University (ITÜ) Department of Fine Arts and, is completed.

Faculties of Fine Arts and Education from 92 universities were reached out.’s various social media accounts also advertised the event. The entrants were limited to students of Faculties of Fine Arts and Education. They listened to Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’ and were asked to express their feelings on canvas.

There were 62 entries, 62 entrants as the rules stipulated 1 entry per entrant, from 25 different universities. University of Thrace had the most entries. We thank all the entrants for their hard work.

The Selection Committee assembled on 29 February 2020 and selected the winners and entries worthy of exhibition.

Dream Melodies Selection Committee members are Mr. Hüsamettin Koçan, Mr. İrfan Önürmen, Mr. Oğuz Haşlakoğlu, Mrs. Gülşen Aytaç and Mr. Serkan Şahin. Contest rapporteur is Mr. Cumhur Tütüncübaşı.

Award ceremony is held on 04 March 2020, 18:30 at ITÜ Taşkışla campus. Istanbul State Opera and Ballet Director Mr. Suat Arıkan is honored us with his presence. Entrants has received their awards after perfect concert of Istanbul State Opera artists concert and finally exhibition started.

Winners are Burçin Gürbüz (Selçuk University), Ayşegül Tatar (Sakarya University), Ali Çaka (19 Mayıs University), Remziye Sezgin (Batman University), Onur Kılıç (Hacettepe University)

We thank our sponsors TGP, ABBA Architecture ,, Ceres Publishing House and Tütüncübaşı Law Firm profusely.

The exhibition will include the winning entries, a total of 28 works of art and will be open 4-13 March 2020 at ITÜ Taşkışla Campus.

What is Dream Melodies Art Contest?

 Dream Melodies Art Contest is an art contest that was inspired by an idea of merging music and painting during the writing phase of the book ‘Dream Melodies-Voyage to Opera’. First Art Contest is established in 2020. The main aims of ‘Dream Melodies’ Art Contest are to promote interest in opera as an art form, support art students in their creative processes and generate diversity in a country’s art and cultural fabric. The participants are asked to watch a predetermined opera and express their feelings on either the whole, a particular scene, or certain songs and melodies that struck a chord with them (whether they understand the meaning of the words or not), from that opera. They are also expected to write down their experiences and feelings when they watched the opera.

The art contest is non-profit. It is held to help Academy of Fine Arts and Art Teachers students grow and support them financially. You may support the contest on Patreon pages, you can see our dreams, aims and patron gifts.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail;

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